Al Asema Group in brief

Al Asema is Always looking for what's best and what's new and modern to service the industry of poultry farming and animal production for those major sectors have as key quality controls that why our slogan is “ Quality Have Rules” Al Asema group services the feed industry by importing the finest agricultural raw materials at the lowest cost to help Egyptian breeder in reducing costs, whether as a poultry farmer or livestock farmer; not through raw materials only, but through the Group's feed mills that produce the finest feeds and our plants for oil extraction and soybean meal production. The Group also contributes to the health and nutrition program update sound all to promote all aspects of industry, with all its possibilities. The Group also contributes to import the finest poultry, through proxy Texha company Ukrainian and are of major international companies in the poultry industry, the Group also participates in the production of chick meat (broiler), higher quality through fully isolated farms away from the urban mass in accordance with the specifications and conditions set by the Ministry our quality and price that set us apart. It was by the Grace of God that we got the Agency of the company ISA to produce commercial layers (white-brown) and it is a breed that has been developed to become the best in lower feed consumption rates plus abundant production of eggs. This was a brief view of the Group's Al Asema which operates in the service of the Egyptian economy and to contribute to easing the burden on the consumer.