Al Asema Misr Feeds

Al Asema misr feeds is a leader in the feed industry in Egypt , the Middle east and Africa, it is an economical landmark , distinguished as one of the biggest projects for feed production in Egypt. The project is at 24 Km of the capital Cairo , on the Ismailaia Cairo Desert road , its spread on 27000 m 2 with a production capacity of 1200 tons per day, and a storage capacity of 10000 tons of corn/soy.

Al Asema Misr Poultry

Because of the increasing need for broiler, (chicken meat) and the fact that local breeds are in no way sufficient to meet the needs of the market. From this prospective came the role of Al Asema Misr Poultry, as it was obvious that there was a need in the market, that`s why we produce one day old broilers chicks, bred from the best of breeds and following the highest standards of bio-security, we breed to fulfill the need of all broilers farmers.

AL Waha Poultry

With increasing population density in Egypt ,Egypt's production of eggs does not cover the needs of the individual, per capita to 100 eggs per year,where the average per capita per year is at least 300 eggs. From this concept originated to role of Al Waha Poultry wish is to try to close the gap between the needs of the market and the actual production, but not only for table eggs but also for the production of commercial layers , using the best breeds and in our own farms and using our own hatcheries whilst applying the highest standards , we aim to produce the best commercial layers for the service of the Egyptian farmer.

AL Asema Poultry

The company Al Asema Poultry works in producing one day old layer chicks, the eggs are collected from its own farms and sent to its own hatchery where it produces the H&N breed from Germany, a company that is represented in the region by Al Asema Poultry.

Lara for Food Security

Lara for Food Security that specializes in the breeding of broilers with an annual capacity of 4.5 million birds as well as beef meat production.

Al Quasr Al Malaky Stud,

From our deep belief of the importance of the pure Arabian horse, the Quasr Al Malaky Stud was launched, using the highest international standards, the design was made to be comfortable for the horse and easy on the eyes for the humans , as well as being very practical in aspects of maintenance cleaning ...ect. The Stud houses 2 showing “manage” an indoor one for winter time as well as an outdoor one for summer, as well as a veterinary clinic.

Al Safa International for Oils & Soap

Al Safa International for Oils & Soap “SIO” that is spread on a prestigious 5 hectares of land with a very high production rate of soybean meal and refined soy oil. Using only the finest of beans and adhering to highest standers of quality control , we process the beans using the most advanced extraction systems, to extract the oils, after wish the oils are refined, degummed and deodorized , all in the purpose of getting the finest product and the highest quality for our customers.


The high demand for various animal products has increased the demand for feed for these animals, and as the GDP is not sufficient to cover the demand, Tornado came into play to import the commodities used in feed manufacturing to bridge that gap, Choosing the best quality and finest grades and adhering to highest standards of quality control, with one aim in mind, the best for our clients.